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Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we are fortunate to be situated at the meeting point of two of the world’s great oceans and are able to appreciate the flora and fauna supported by these ecosystems on a daily basis. As a passionate group of yachtsmen, watermen, engineers, designers and adventure seekers, drawing on years of experience in the commercial and superyacht industries, we wanted to develop a yacht that would allow you to enjoy our incredible oceans, while respecting the very environment we are there to be captivated by.

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We build robust fast cruising catamarans that will convey our clients safely on their journeys across the globe. Allowing them to enjoy the simple pleasure of sailing, quickly, efficiently and safely. In our design process, we also take various factors into consideration to make our vessels and their construction as environmentally considerate as possible. Factors such as materials, noise levels, energy consumption, paint types and waste, are considered throughout the vessel’s lifecycle. We hope for a future where greener economies are the norm, and we aim to participate in this process through our designs’ thinking and execution.

The XO68 is about the journey. It is about having your dream yacht designed and built for you, to go where you want to, and to relish in the experiences along the way. Designed at the point where speed, comfort, style and safety meet, without sacrificing real world enjoyment or the very environment you are there to be captivated by.

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An “environmentally friendly” yacht is a misnomer and arguably doesn’t exist at this time, despite many claims. But we can at least strive to be environmentally conscious. To consider the materials and processes that are used in the construction, to consider the substances used in the running and maintenance of the yacht, and to consider the decommissioning of the yacht at the end of its life many years into the future.

If we can strive to minimise our impact on the environment at every stage of the yacht’s life, we can help to preserve the magnificent locations and ecosystems that draw us away from our desks and leave them for the next generation to enjoy.

As a construction material for a global voyaging yacht, aluminium is peerless. Strong, lightweight, easy to work with, corrosion resistant and recyclable This allows us to build a fast strong hull, that can be made from recycled materials and can re-enter the economy years into the future as a new yacht when it is recycled at the end of its journey. Furthermore, when considering construction materials for a yacht capable of exploring the globe, just as with the equipment selection, it is rucial to use a material that is well understood and readily available the world over.
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